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This online platform, created by well known Women’s Health Physio Taryn Watson, has a huge selection of education and workout packages that 'Deep Dive' into essential Women's Health Physio topics. The aim is to empower women with knowledge, and to prevent them ever having to utter the phrase 'Why did nobody tell me about this?'.

As well as the main 'Pregnancy Essentials' and 'Birth & Recovery Essentials' packages, you'll also find others such as

Abdominal Muscle Separation

Return To Running

Baby Wearing & Exercising Around Your Kids

Taryn wants pregnant women and Mums of young children to feel like she went inside their head and answered all of their questions (including some they didn't realise they needed to know!) about pelvic floor health and keeping active safely during your childbearing years and beyond.

About Taryn Watson

Taryn Watson is a physiotherapist with a Masters Degree in Women’s Health & Continence - which pretty much makes her an unofficial guru of all things Pelvic Floor and Pre/Postnatal Health! She has worked in this area of physiotherapy ever since she was a new graduate back in 2008.

Taryn has a specific passion for providing ‘pelvic floor friendly’ exercise options for women, and for health promotion in the world of Women’s Health & Exercise. This led her to start FitRight in 2014, which has grown from just a couple of classes per week, to up to 30 Studio & Aqua classes per week with a large cohort of Physiotherapist instructors, a well renowned training program for Health & Fitness Professionals, a centre for Women’s Health & Exercise called FitRight HQ, and an online platform called The FitRight Membership which encapsulates all of the knowledge and workouts that the FitRight team want all women to have access to.

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All of these education and exercise Packages can be purchased separately, or you can become a FitRight Member and unlock access to not only all of the Packages, but also the vast library of 5-30 minute FitRight Workouts for pregnancy, early postnatal and beyond!


The FitRight Pregnancy
Essentials Package


The aim of this ‘Pregnancy Essentials’ package is to make you feel like I went inside your head and answered all the questions you have about pregnancy (and dipping your toe into preparation for the birth and postnatal recovery period!) – and to surprise you with answers to all the questions you didn’t even realise you had!


The FitRight Birth & Recovery Essentials Package


The aim of the Birth & Recovery Essentials Package is to make sure that you feel prepared and adequately equipped for your birth and recovery, no matter whether it's a vaginal birth or a Caesarean. A mix of birth preparation information and workouts and education for the very early weeks, this is perfect to access in the late stages of your pregnancy and the early postnatal period.


The FitRight Baby Massage & Developmental Play Package


This lovely 20-minute sequence involves traditional massage strokes interspersed with play ideas to help babies find their feet, identify the midline and where their body parts are in space, and set the scene for learning to roll, sit and crawl.


Abdominal Muscle
Separation Package


Abdominal muscle separation – without a doubt, is one of the areas of pre and postnatal health that has the most ‘myths’ that need busting.


The Return to
Running Package


So how do you know whether you are ready for running? How do you make sure that you’re empowered to understand your personal risk profile for injuries, and how to properly prepare yourself before running to minimise the chances that you’ll develop any issues? That’s what this package of The FitRight Membership is all about!


The Baby Wearing & Exercising Around Your Kids Package


This package ‘deep dives’ into the art of Baby Wearing and how to make the most of this important tool in a safe way for both you and baby, my top tips on playroom and playground workouts, and how to balance self-care around life with young children.


The Pelvic Girdle
Pain Package



The Prolapse, Incontinence & Pelvic Floor Package



The Strength Training During & After Pregnancy Package


FitRight Online Workouts

Can't make it to our FitRight physio-led exercise classes for women? Are you attending our classes already but keen to do some more sessions at home? You're in the right place! We've put together a selection of 40-60 minute workouts so that you still have the FitRight class experience from your living room.


FitRight Workouts for


FitRight Workouts for
New Mums


FitRight Workouts for

Members Workout Vault

Keen to get more FitRight workouts done from home? Searching for some shorter workouts that you can squeeze in here and there? The Members Vault is full of 5-30 minute workouts for you to do, divided up into sections for Overall Body Workouts, Stretching Sequences, Mini Arm and Leg Workouts, Cardio Workouts and Core Workouts.

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